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Sony SNC-DS10

Sony Artikelnr SNC-DS10

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Sony SNC-DS10 - JPEG/MPEG-4, PoE

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Beschrijving Sony SNC-DS10

De SNC-DS10 is een netwerk mini-dome camera die een 1/4-type progressive scan CCD met ExwavePRO technologie bevat.

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Progressive Scan CCD With ExwavePRO Technology

The SNC-DS10 incorporates advanced progressive scan CCDs with ExwavePRO technology. The camera inherits the technical advantages of Sony ExwaveHAD technology, while incorporating progressive scanning and complementary color filters to provide extremely high sensitivity levels and clear, crisp images in both daytime and nighttime environments. Complementary color filters are well suited in cameras used for security applications because the luminance signal-to-noise ratio is higher than when using primary color filters. The minimum illumination is 0.3 lx in color at F1.3.

JPEG Picture Quality Settings With Constant Bitrate Algorithm

Users can preset the JPEG picture quality for the camera from a choice of ten levels. In addition, because the camera incorporates a constant bitrate algorithm, it can limit the data bitrate while still maintaining high-quality images. This is useful for calculating the required storage capacity and bandwidth during installation.

Variable Gamma Settings

Users can choose from six preset gamma curves. By selecting a gamma curve that is appropriate for a given scene, captured images can be reproduced clearly and sharply.

Powerful Vari-focal Zoom Lens/Wide Viewing Angle

These cameras come equipped with a powerful vari-focal zoom lens. The SNC-DS10 incorporates a 3.6x zoom lens. In addition, the camera has an extremely wide viewing angle of over 100 degrees.

Ball-Joint Lens Mount Technology

With the Sony patented Ball-Joint Lens Mount mechanism incorporated into the vari-focal lens of the camera, the lens can be rotated freely in any direction. Unlike conventional camera, it takes only one action to adjust the pan and tilt angles, allowing for quick and easy adjustment of the camera's viewing angle.

Selectable JPEG and MPEG-4 Compression Formats

The camera supports two compression formats: JPEG and MPEG-4. The industry-standard JPEG compression format is the best choice for high-quality still images. And the MPEG-4 format provides clear moving images efficiently over networks when bandwidth is limited.

Dual-encoding Capability

With a dual-encoding capability, the camera can generate both JPEG and MPEG-4 images simultaneously at 30 fps when the image size is set to VGA. This capability is useful for transferring MPEG-4 images over a WAN or an Internet VPN where network bandwidth is limited, while also storing high-resolution JPEG images on a LAN-based server.

The DEPA Platform - Intelligent Video Analytics

The SNC-DS10 offers intelligent video analytics, based on the Sony DEPA platform. DEPA is a combined function of the intelligence built in to the camera and rules/filters that determine which images should be recorded or when an alarm should be triggered. Using the network camera Intelligent Motion Detection (IMD) function, 'tagged' objects and their associated metadata, including object position, are sent either to the NSR Series recorder or the IMZ-RS400 Series software. These products then use the metadata, together with filters, to analyze object movement and to perform a predefined action, such as image recording or alarm triggering. This method of distributed processing minimizes server workload, network bandwidth, and storage requirements.

Intelligent Motion Detection

The built-in IMD function can trigger a variety of actions, such as the storage and transfer of images or the activation of an external device through its output relays. False alarms caused by noise and repeated motion patterns are minimized thanks to an advanced Sony algorithm. Plus, when used in conjunction with DEPA-enabled recorders or software, a multitude of filter functions are available. These allow you to initiate alarms based on more specific movements, such as passing a virtual borderline.


Model number SNC-DS10
Brand Sony
Category IP Camera's